Required Documents

The required documents are different from country to country, but mainly five documents are
essential to go through our Government approval formalities.
1. Demand Letter
2. Power of Attorney
3. Agreement of Manpower Mobilization
4. Employment Contract Paper
5. Guaranteed Letter and in case of block or calling visa (like K.S.A. and Malaysia)
6. Consulate Letter (Authority Letter)
• All these documents should be on the official letterhead of the employer company with Authorized signature and company seal.
• All these documents should be Attested by the Nepalese Embassy in the Country of Employment.
• The original copies of all these documents are required.
(Please see the specimens of these documents in the following pages)

For Malaysia, a set of following documents should be attested by either the local NOTARY PUBLIC
or Nepalese Embassy in Malaysia.
1. Demand Letter
2. Power of Attorney
3. Employment Contract Paper
4. Authority Letter (Letter to Malaysian high commission)
5. Letter to the Department of Labor, Labor
6. Agreement of manpower mobilization
7. Affidavit
8. Photocopy of Employer’s ID
9. Company Detail
10. Photographs of the working area and worker’s Hostel
All the above mentioned documents should have Employer’s chop and authorized signature on
every page. These documents should also have Notary Public chop on every page. Besides these,
a copy of KDN letter and its original English translation should be attested by the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.
For further details please visit to download sample
documents for references